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A new opportunity! The Songwriters Hall of Fame

Is anyone here still writing letters? :)

Pete was nominated for induction into the Songwriter's Hall of Fame last year, but apparently wasn't voted in because of the um, awkwardness. Keets wrote to ask about it and here's the reply:

Pete Townshend was on last years ballot but was not voted in by the membership. He continues to be on our master list and, with any luck, will ultimately win a spot on our inductee list. Thank you for your interest.

Keets writes again to ask when exactly he'll be on the ballot again and:

Voting is done every year and it is up to the Nominating Committee as to how long before he is on the ballot again. So far that has not been determined.

Perhaps we might get up a writing campaign about this for next year? I suppose that letters should ask that the requests be passed along to the nominating committee: songwritershalloffame@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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