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concert at RAH! A bloody great night it will be!

I want to take the time and say it is brilliant to see that some of you here on the list can make it to the show at Royal Albert Hall. Some even coming from a far.

As you know, on the 29th March 2004 some of you will be going to see The Who at RAH. It will be fun for all. A ripping set of Tommy will be performed. I want to point out this is really for the kids with cancer here in the UK. All proceeds will go towards building more specialist hospital units and services for cancer.  Why Tommy? Itbs a big part of what the Who is and have become. A great set is lined up. I must say some of yours song lists may I say interesting. I know you will all have a great time you wonbt be disappointed. We hope. Some of the kids with cancer will be there to watch and to see the smiles on their faces is just a really great feeling. 

To go see the kids who have cancer have a place to be with other teens is just remarkable. It brings their sprits up.  They have a place to gather in-groups and so forth.  Please see site for more details.

I know; not every one can come, you will all me missed.  Yet you can help as well. Please think about sending a Pond or Dollar to the Teenage Cancer Trust.   What every you can manage will be appreciated.  

Thank you all. Not only now but also from the past those who have helped, be it a contribution or going to the concertbs or buying an album that the proceeds went to the trust. Thanks to very one of you Who fans for just that being a huge fan of The Who! 

Youbre all wonderful thanks for your support.    
Lets also remember John Entwistle who also helped the with the Charity of TCT.   

To contact the RAH box office  -  027589 8212

Teenage Cancer Trust
38 Warren Street
Tel: 020 7387 1000
Fax: 020 7387 6000

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