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Is it me....for a moment. - Mars Rover Goes Mobile!

	>From: "Scott Schrade" 
	>Subject: Mars Rover Goes Mobile! 
>>Engineers at Nasa's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California, 
>>erupted in cheers as confirmation came through that the six-wheeled robot 
>>had successfully moved down its ramp. 
>>An old hit by the UK rock group The Who, Going Mobile, accompanied 
>>the news. 
>Ha!  Isn't that funny?!

Very funny!
See?  I *told* you it's a great song!

Is it just me?  Doesn't it seem like this sort of thing happens to The Who *way* more often then to other bands?  I mean, I'm not hearing stuff like "Bush uses Run DMC song at campaign rally", or "Mars Rover movement accompanied by Bowie's Space Oddity".
Is it just that we notice The Who involvement more than other bands?
I don't believe so.  We tend to all be fans of all music too, so I'm thinking we would notice if Led Zep (for painful example) were mentioned in this sort of way.

It just confirms for me how deep a penetration (go Scott) The Who has made into our culture, even though the numbers and list placements don't seem to support it.

Or, is it that we're just getting old, and now are in positions (go Scott) of prominence (that's *prominence*, Scott, *not* dominance.).

Who cares.
I like it!

Kevin in VT

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