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Re: Quad tunes live

Steve here - i like the Who By Numbers idea - I'd cut one tune though...either In Hand or A Face or Imagine A Man. Keep it a tad shorter, thats all.

At 12:03 PM 1/29/04 -0500, you wrote:
> So, can anyone else suggest a good mini-Quad set,

How about this:

"The Real Me"
"The Punk and the Godfather"
"I'm One"
"Doctor Jimmy"
"Love, Reign O'er Me"

Perhaps too many songs but I'm kinda basing it on the abbreviated TOMMY
set they were doing around '75.  A nice good chunk.

> or do you think it's a bad idea?

I'd rather hear a nice mini-WHO BY NUMBERS set! Like this:

"Slip Kid"
"Squeeze Box"
"Dreaming From the Waist"
"Imagine A Man"
"In A Hand Or A Face"

Dreaming is free....

- SCHRADE in Akron

The Council For Secular Humanism