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unique Who songs and albums

>  What I noticed in this atmosphere of 
> "judgment" was how each Who song is so different. No one 
> else we listen to can 
> claim that over such a long period of time.

Whenever I engage in a discussion of the great classic rock bands, this is exactly the argument I use.  Each Who album sounds ENTIRELY different.  There is no mistaking MG for Tommy for Quad for WBN.  Maybe IH and FD are somewhat similar to each other, but those albums are The Who de-clawed (Moon was the claws of the Who monster).

Consider this, also.  What band but the Who could take songs like WGFA, BOR, and Bargain- each with virtually the same guitar pattern to drive home the "concept" of Lifehouse, and make them sound so utterly unique from one another?  No one could possibly mistake these songs for one another in any circumstance.  

But with U2, for example, I have caught myself preparing to sing along with a song only to realize it's a different song that sounds nearly identical.  I love ACDC, but unless one is a discerning fan, it's very easy to mix up their songs, especially early stuff. This could NEVER be said of the Who in their prime, which sets them apart from bands like The Beatles, Stones, Kinks, etc- regardless of whether one thinks those bands are as good or better than The Who.