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Re: The Who @wyrk

"Wyrk?"  Is that the Middle English spelling?

> How many folks are able to listen at work? 

I can't listen to music at work.  I'm in an office.  I mean, I *could*
listen to music at work if I wanted to.  But I find it too difficult.

First, I'd have to keep it *real* low.  Second, anytime I left my desk
area I wouldn't be able to hear it.  It's really not worth it because
I can't *enjoy* the music & give it my full attention.

I hardly ever put on music just for some background noise.  And, while in
school, I could never do homework with music on either.  I couldn't con-

I seem to pick my own personal time for listening to music.  Mainly in
my car, as of late.  Oftentimes, I get home from work & just enjoy the
silence rather than throwing on a CD right away.  Many nights (and days)
I don't any play music at all.  (These ears hear a whole lot of music,
& sometimes they hear a bit too much.)

> The reason I ask is because I have the pleasure of having a job where 
> I can do this.

And you can crank it, too, I'll bet!  At least somewhat.  And it probably
makes the time go a lot faster, as well.  Consider yourself lucky.  

> What makes listening at work different is that other ears are around 
> and it is kind of cool to see what others think when they hear the 
> music for the first time.

Isn't it great having an audience to listen to your favorite music!  I
love it when I have people in my car.  They can't go anywhere & they 
*must* listen to what I play!  Mwoo ha ha ha ha!

> all the way up to full volume with CD Truth.

Ha!  How does "Doctor Says" from our first CD go over?!  ;-o

> This week is Who week.

(!)  Did you pass out programs to go along it?

> Sometimes it's a gamble when you put what's close to your heart out 
> there in public for others to criticize, 

Tell me about it.  I get cracked on by my friends every time I play 
"Hiding Out" from WHITE CITY.

> What I noticed in this atmosphere of "judgment" was how each Who song 
> is so different. No one else we listen to can claim that over such a 
> long period of time.

Excellent point.  Many bands keep the same basic sound throughout their
careers (think AC/DC).  The Who are so much deeper than most.  More
complex.  More layered.  More varied.

> How can this album (SELL OUT) exist and others not even know about it?

The obvious genius that we see so clearly is missed on a lot of people.
Once, I gave a girl - a Beatles fan - a copy of SELL OUT & she hated it.
She was an idiot anyways.  What can I say?  I tried.

> This new album will be another unique album that is not like the others. 
> And that is what The Who does.

What more can we ask for from The Who besides an honest attempt at making
passionate, personal music?  Do it, & let the pieces fall where they may.

- SCHRADE in Akron

The Council For Secular Humanism