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The Who @wyrk

How many folks are able to listen at work? I know this sounds like a kind of 
daft question.

The reason I ask is because I have the pleasure of having a job where I can 
do this.  What makes listening at work different is that other ears are around 
and it is kind of cool to see what others think when they hear the music for 
the first time.

I usually let the guys listen to whatever they put on and it varies from one 
extreme to the next. For instance it could be the soundtrack to O brother 
where art thou or it could be the Eminem show or The (English) Beat or James Brown 
or Patty Smith or the Wu Tang Clan featuring Ghost- Face Killa or Snoop or 
all the way up to full volume with CD Truth.

This week is Who week.  I started it out by playing my sort-of personal 
Ultimate collection that begins with So Sad About Us/Brr and ends with Who Are You. 
 It is two CD's worth and hits the mountaintops in my opinion of what this 
band accomplished.  Sometimes it's a gamble when you put what's close to your 
heart out there in public for others to criticize, and since it says "Jon's 
favorites" right on the CD, I rolled the dice.

I cranked this loud and it went over like a Helium Zeppelin.  There was an 
atmosphere of electricity as each song slammed through the latest cavernous new 
estate we are painting. It was funny listening to them singing along. One 
thing is for sure, this band gets respect.  What I noticed in this atmosphere of 
"judgment" was how each Who song is so different. No one else we listen to can 
claim that over such a long period of time.

As we listened to Sell Out the next day, it was clear that this band is above 
them all.  How can this album exist and others not even know about it?  How 
can a band be so great that they have albums like this to spare? One guy said 
"Man, I never knew the Who could sound like this! Was this their first album or 
something?"  I told him that each Who album is unique. And great.  That is 
why they stand the test of time.  Hall of the Mountain King just roared with 
John nailing each note on the runs followed quickly by Pete doing the same and 
bending it all over the place.  What a crazy song!  What a sound they invented! 
And this song was an extra?

I feel good about what Rabbit just said to us. He said: "The band Pete has 
put together is an awesome 'working unit' kickin' ass all over the house for 
sure".  Those new dudes are forming a bond it seems and are proud of what they 
are.  For Pete to be so engaged really bodes well for the prospect of a real 
future for a while.  This new album will be another unique album that is not like 
the others. And that is what The Who does.

Jon in Mi.