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Record deal for Who girl 
By Richard Simpson, Evening Standard 
14 April 2004

There hasn't been much for Pete Townshend to celebrate
recently. Just a few weeks ago The Who guitarist
admitted that allegations of paedophilia last year
made him contemplate suicide. 

And he has made no secret of his anguish at the death
of bandmate John Entwistle during a cocaine-fuelled
liaison with a hooker in Las Vegas. Now, though, his
luck appears to be changing. 

Townshend's girlfriend of six years, Rachel Fuller,
has been awarded her first recording contract - a
six-figure deal with Universal Records. Miss Fuller,
29, is a singer and pianist and has already recorded
an album titled Angelic Ceilings.

The album is described as "a contemporary album filled
with original heartfelt songs laden with hooks and
tender ballads". 

Miss Fuller has been composing music since she was 10.
A classically trained pianist, her orchestral works
have been recorded by the London Chamber Orchestra and
she has orchestrated music for Townshend's Lifehouse
Chronicles recording and for concerts at Sadler's
Wells. She also teaches piano to Mick Jagger's
daughter Georgia May, who lives near the #15 million
house she shares with Townshend, 57, on Richmond Hill.
Rachel and Jagger's ex-wife Jerry Hall are very close

A source close to Townshend said: "Rachel has a
fantastic voice and is a very accomplished piano
player. With Pete's guidance it was only a matter of
time before she got a leg up in the music industry. 

"Now she's being managed by the same company as The
Who and has recorded an album and Pete's company,
Eelpie, is handling the publishing end of things." 

-Brian in Atlanta
The Who This Month!

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