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Re: The Who's Popularity Peak

> Actually, that was Schlitz's slogan used in THEIR
> ads


OK, but wasn't there also a banner or something at the
shows, behind the stage? Or was that just the video?

> Try to stay with me here Mark.


I'm with you all the way.

> I was theorizing that those who went to see The Who
> in '82 went to see a nostalgia band (as opposed to a
> "legends" band).

But this is how it transpired: I said they were
legends from when Tommy was released, you replied "you
mean nostalgia band." And I replied No their best work
was still ahead of them.

> Surely you're not saying that in '82 their best work
> was still before them?

No, far behind them as a band, but Townshend still had
HIS best work before him.

> It lets you see the light.  ;-)

OK, Jon.

> For me, it would be Soundgarden.

I never really got much into them, I was more into
Pearl Jam, STP and Alice In Chains. Grunge-wise, I
mean. I liked Temple Of The Dog better than
Soundgarden, if it comes to that.

> White Stripes....
> Gone.
> Done.

I knew that was going to happen. Like the Stray Cats
20 years earlier, how far can you go with a limited
sound? It's easy for me to see there'll be no "walking
on the beach" commercials for Rap Collections "You
remember that song, Yo Bitch, that was OUR song baby."
and no endless tours by bands (like The Stones) 40
years from now because there'll be no bands to do it.

> Well, working in a CD store all day makes it much
> easier than where I'm sitting.

I can't help you there. Maybe you should listen to the

> But, I was just pointing out your....*bias*.  ;-)

And I debunked it.

> Got old quick.

So does Chappelle.

> Whoooops.

Yeah. To quote Elton John, Bush Jr. "Should have
stayed on the farm, should have listened to my old

Here's a little Who/Kinks Kwiz while we're not too far
from the subject:

Which three songs were recorded by both The Who & The

"Obviously, I pray every day there's less casualty."
  George "so by the election it would be zero" Bush

Cheers         ML

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