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Most of the ones I see are originating from, which purports to
be owned by Lexicon.CTCNet.com, a telco based in Waltham, MA.  If this
sounds like you (no, not you Kevin :), please get your system disinfected.

- Paul -

O'Neal, Kevin W. writes:
> 	>From: Marcus Surrealius 
> 	>Subject: BEWARE! 
> >
> >I've been getting a ton of bogus EMail all of a
> >sudden, several of which have the address of this list
> >as well as other Who-related things in the titles.
> >All have attachments. I haven't opened any, but have
> >to assume that it's virus-ridden.
> >Be wary!
> The plague has hit Whoville!
> All of the lists are effected.
> A bunch of bogus posts by me landed on O&S, and I don't even post there (rarely).
> 'When in doubt.....delete it out!'
> Kevin in VT