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Re: Silverdome Queue '89

In a message dated 4/8/04 12:00:35 PM, TheWho-Digest-Owner@xxxxxxxx writes:

<< Oh don't get me wrong, the Silverdome was packed at concert time. (And it 
huge) It just didn't have a line when tickets went on sale.  >>

It just occurred to me one of the reasons might have been is the Silverdome 
box office took only cash then.  But you could pay with your Hudson's credit 
card at the Hudson's TM outlets.  I know I often chose Hudson's in the 80's when 
I was in school because I could use my credit card and get the money from my 
friends later on to pay the bill.  Plus the mall security would chase you out 
of the parking lot before 7am, so you could show up at 6:45am and get a good 
spot in line.