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Re: The Who's popularity peak

Scott wrote>>

Taking all that into effect, one has to agree that The
Who reached 
popular peak from 1979 - 1982.

And I'll also claim that that popularity & momentum
was still there in 
when Pete "allowed" the band to tour again, but the
lameness of "The 
Who On
Ice Tour" &, frankly, Pete's admission that he
undertook the tour 
for the money (remember the Musician magazine Who
article & cover from 
year?) was enough to eradicate *most* of the band's
momentum & 

that the years 1979 - 1982 had established.  And a lot
of the respect 
enjoyed was lost, too.  This is when The Who really
became a bit of a 
in much of the "rock community." 

Are my theories rubbish?  Am I mistaken?  Do my views
differ from 
I'd like to hear what you have to say about all this.


For what it's worth, i have to agree with the above

The Who were indeed more popular '78-'82 to a wider
I think if you ask die-hard Who fans, they would say
that (and i think Pete has said this somewhere. 30
years DVD??) that their peak period, in music and live
gig terms, was probably '67 to '73ish.
But as a band appealing to general music lovers, there
is no doubt that '78-'82 were the Who years'.

Apart from what Scott has already said concerning the
factors for this, I think, in the UK at least, the
period between '76 -'78 were quite quiet in touring
terms then all of a sudden they toured with Kenny and
The Rockpalast gig on t.v., togrther with huge 4-page
tabloid reports of the stadium gis in the US, boasting
record ticket sales in recors time, helped fuel the
interest. I think they had become a "joke" (not to me)
by Live Aid. Mostly due to the transmission breaking
for a while and, to me, being under-rehearsed.

The Quad tours in '96 & '97 helped get them back into
a lot of peoples' thoughts and would have been better
with more press coverage. Likewise with the greatest
hits tours since '99/2000.

The british press have not been helpful by mostly
ignoring them over the last 5 years'. Compare that to
whenever the Stones sneeze, they are on the news. 

Being a Who fan sometimes sucks big time. Because i
want everyone to appreciate what they are; what
they've done and i don't think they have had that recognition.

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