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Re: The Who's Popularity Peak

> As I think back, what really got me into the band was one thing: The 
> TKAA commercial on TV in 1979.  

I didn't get into them until '81.  MTV actually helped with that.  They kept
playing a promo for an upcoming, Sunday night, 1/2-hour Who special &
the clip had some of "Magic Bus" in it.  "Magic Bus" is what grabbed my

Then, it was a few quick questions to my older brother, a look through
his record collection, & putting his copy of the TKAA soundtrack on his 
silver Yamaha turntable & boom!  I got hooked fast & hard.

> The Who is a visual band.  Scott you are right. They need promotion 
> and exposure.  Why do they not take care of this?  

Because, I guess at this stage in their career, that kind of heavy-duty
(expensive) promotion just isn't worth it.  They can accomplish their goals 
without it.

- SCHRADE in Akron

The Council For Secular Humanism