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Re: Kinks...hijinks...summing up

>From: Marcus Surrealius
>Subject: Re: Kinks...hijinks...summing up
>> They're called Petzle head-lamps, and they strap
> >onto yo head.
>I'd never have known that.

<still shaking the snow out of my snorkel....what a day at J-Peak!>

Before you move to the mountains, go visit an REI, or EMS. or Campmore..
They're on the web, too.

>By your measure of radioplay, the ones who get the
>most airplay are the most important. I don't agree
>with that.

I don't either.
I've said now multiple times that airplay is just one indicator of
It's not the only one.
But, it does have it's value in seeing what bands are/were popular.
Certainly there is some sort of correlation between popularity and

Kevin in VT