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Re: The Who's Popularity Peak

> I understand Scott's point and I agree with him that The Who were 
> at their peak of *popularity* during the period of 79-82. 

Yes!  I have support!

> But I would put it back to '78 to 82.  The song Who Are You was another 
> WGFA as far as radio play is concerned. It is still standing. 

I think Moon's untimely death had more to do with catapulting them into 
their popularity peak than the WAY single did.  It was the tragedy & their
decision to go on which garnered all the attention.

> They were legends by this point and had a tremendous amount of 
> popularity capital.  

On par with the Stones!

> But by '82, they were obviously not the same. Pete's heart was not in 
> it and he spoke openly about it <gasp!>. They said farewell. 

True, but they were still riding high in '82, even despite Pete's lament-
ations.  In The Who's career, 1982 is a long way from 1983, when it all

Remember, The Who weren't supposed to be finished after the '82 tour.
They were going to delve into "other things," playing the occasional show
here & there.  This was at a time when MTV & video were shaking the music
industry, & The Who were going to adapt, not quit.  Then came 1983.  A
great year for *me,* but a lousy one for The Who.

> Enter the Who in ice...
> I was shocked when there was no line for tickets at the Silverdome box 
> office the day the tickets went on sale for the '89 tour. 

Really?  I waited in line for Cleveland tickets with hundreds of people.
Honestly!  Hundreds of people.  Fans, radio stations, etc. were all a-buzz
with the "return of The Who."  Fuck, the band was playing *stadiums!*  
They were still HUGE & anticipation was high.

But something happened after that tour, & the general passion fizzled.
I blame the bloated tour ensemble which directly went against much of
what fans thought The Who were:  four or five dudes making loud, electric
*noise.*  Emphasis on noise.  

The '89 tour & Pete's "I'm doing it for the money" comments, I think, 
really damaged the band's popularity.

- SCHRADE in Akron

The Council For Secular Humanism