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Last Who album played

<<From: "Kara Billings" <ilovemyhorses2@xxxxxxxxxxx> 
Date: Tue, 06 Apr 2004 18:58:55 +0100 

While I have you all. What Who album did you put on
last. Mine was Tommy the orignal not the movie. I like
the sound track. I think I will go put on Quad. I love
all their music Solos included.>>

I just wrapped up my three-year anniversary for the
boxed set.  When I first got it I played the first two
discs on one day and the second two on the next day,
but on my first anniversary I did the first two on one
day, then the third, and then had to wait two days to
play the fourth (you'd probably be bored if I gave the
detailed reason why I was so busy and unable to do
them over two days).  The second anniversary I
followed the pattern, the four discs over three days. 
This year it was likewise.  I rarely play the boxed
set anymore, so dragging it out on its anniversary
(and occasionally throughout the year, but not in its
entirety) is a nice way to remind me it's still there.
 It calls to mind the nice memories of three years
ago, that lovely spring of 2001 when I first got it.

Ziessen Pesach to those of us on the list who don't
celebrate Easter!

Anna U. Mormack
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