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Re: Kinks...hijinks...summing up

> Take it up with Scott!  

Kevin, please, let me take over.  You're tired.  And I gotta work
these silky running shorts in if I'm gonna sell 'em on eBay.

> > > The Who are the more innovative and therefore the more 
> > > important band.  However they've never been all that popular 
> > > (except for a brief period when Tommy and WN came out).
> >
> > The Who were Rolling Stone Magazines "Band of the Year" 
> > *in 1979!*  
> I can't imagine that has anything whatsoever with
> Keith's death...nah...have you read any RS reviews of
> Who albums after WN?
> I have.

<opening theme music>

"O, Mr. Subject-Changer!  La-la-la, Mr. Subject-Changer!"

"Hey, everybody!  It's time for another episode of Mr. Subject-

"Yay!  Yay!" <much applause>

"What subject are you gonna change today, Mr. Subject-

"Well, as you remember, I stated that The Who have 'never been
all that popular....except for a brief period when Tommy and WN 
came out.'  Then, Schrade said that The Who were voted "Band 
of the Year" in Rolling Stone Magazine in 1979, clearly well after
TOMMY & WHO'S NEXT.  So, I'm gonna *change the subject*
<cheers from the audience> by diverting attention from his debate-
winning comment & focusing instead on unrelated subjects such
as Moon's death & Rolling Stone Magazine album reviews."

"Brilliant, Mr. Subject-Changer!  I bet people will completely
forget that Schrade proved that The Who were popular at another
time besides the years immediately following TOMMY & WHO'S 

"Well, that's my hope.  You see, whether Moon died around 1979 
or not is completely irrelevant to my statement that The Who were
only really popular after TOMMY & WHO'S NEXT.  Popular is 
popular.  And my 'icing on the cake' <wild applause from the aud-
ience> is throwing in the *even more* irrelevant subject of Who 
album reviews that *appeared in* Rolling Stone Magazine!"

"You're the best, Mr. Subject-Changer!"

"In the end, I'm going to paint Schrade as an agenda-wielding
supporter of Rolling Stone Magazine.  And before you know it,
this whole thread will be about Rolling Stone & Jann Wenner."

"Absolutely first-rate, Mr. Subject-Changer.  You've outdone your-
self again.  Well, that's all we have time for today, everybody.  Tune 
in next time when Mr. Subject-Changer takes an offensive statement 
about Pearl Jam & twists it into a discussion about concert ticket 
prices in the 1970s!  You won't wanna miss that!  Goodnight, every-

<frenzied applause>

<closing theme music>

- SCHRADE in Akron

The Council For Secular Humanism