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RE: Explicit?

Here's another Zappa fan too. Al the way from Holland. Frank was direct from
the start popular in Holland. You even selected a Dutch fansite. Nice to
see. He was the best modern composer in the history of rock&roll. Strong
lyrics, great personality. Died, like many other great persons, much to

Kees, Bjorn's nextdoor neighbour

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Onderwerp: Re: Explicit?

> In a message dated 4/4/2004 12:18:30 AM Eastern Standard Time,
> hapijac@xxxxxxxxxxx writes:
> > cool another zaapa fan!!!!
> >
> well, i'm not a BIG fan, don't have all of his albums but I do admire the
> and his work and everything else he stood for.

Well he was a wicked guitar player which I loved plus he was damm funny!!