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At Home with TheKinks.....

Funny, my clock says 8:30, but it feels like 7:30!  What the?............

>From: "An English Boy"
>Subject: At Home with TheKinks.....
>>I was making the
>>point that by 1971 (WN) the Kinks were no longer on The Who's level ").
>Until '69, TheWho-> were a long, long way from being a "household name"
>in the musical vocabulary of the *average/casual* Rock Music fan. ONLY
>"Thomas" to some degree, and later LAL and WN made TheWho->

Yes, and thus my above point.  Maybe I should have pushed my date up to 1969
instead of 1971.  ;-)

>In the 60s, TheKinks were an AM Radio staple, filling the charts with hit
after hit,
>regularly seen on TV (Shindig, Hullaballoo, etc.), far more so than
>Back in *the day* that's how it was. (guess maybe you had to be there, but
>denying this reality is equivalent to the movement to refute the actuality
>the Holocaust.)

See, I'm not denying that.  You're right Lew, I wasn't there. And, that's
why I went with my 1971 date above.
But, it still doesn't change my point.  For all their being a radio staple
in the 60's, The Who surpassed them.
Not just in my opinion, but in the mass public opinion as well.
We can look at charts from the time, but the real measure is the 'test of
time'.  What is the overall ranking.

Before we go on let me clarify that I'm quite frustrated with this thread.
It's going no where.
It's filled with both personal opinion, which I'm never comfortable trying
to argue, but also must be looked at from the mass public's opinion.

>>> Everybody's in Showbiz ('72)
>>> Preservation Act I ('73)
>>> Preservation Act II ('74)
>I {AEB} posted those titles, and stand by them completely.

"Stand by your man...."
Oh, I know those were posted by you (I read your posts!).  But, Mark posted
them too as part of his reply to you.
And, it fit perfectly (Mark's opinion) with my point that by at least 1971,
The Who were dominant.
Hey, I'm going toe-to-toe with Mark.  I need all the help I can get!

>No matter what
>Saint Marcus Lysergic Acidophilus  ;-)  says, after spinning all 4 sides
>{2 studio...2 live} of "Everybody's in Showbiz" {containing the masterpiece
>"Celluloid Heroes) I stand firmly by this album as a classic.

And, I wouldn't argue with that.  I wouldn't.  I won't.
Hell, I don't know (thinks to himself that that alone does make a point,
'cause I'm no music dummy).
But, I can't help but feel that to the mass music listening public, they may
not share the same sentiment.  But, if they did, I still think they would
consider The Who a step or three above.

>>Then (again) the Eagles rule.
>Kill Me Quickly!

It can't happen quickly enough!

>>> Beatles are perhaps even greater in the public's
>>> mass opinion than The Who.
>Countless bands are, to the casual listener.

Come on, I'm not talking about current top-10 listeners.
There *is* an echelon of bands out there.
There *is* a certain amount of agreement on who the greatest bands of all
time are.
It's not like it changes incredibly drastically every year.
The Beatles are consistently at the top.
The Stones are consistently right behind them.
The Who are consistently right near the top.
And The Kinks consistently fall somewhere behind The Who.

It's not my fault!  I didn't do it!  Don't kill the messenger!
And, I don't enjoy being in this situation of having to write it!
Mark's the one who brought The Kinks into this thread.  :-)

>And, I'm sorry that I simply can not say that The Kinks are more important,
>or better, or have grander songs than The Who.
>Are others really saying that?

I'd be willing to hear a vote on the matter.
You know where my vote falls.

>EnglishBoy" is saying that TheKinks are as important, not better, and
>do have as grand of songs as TheWho->.

Why aren't they better if they are as important and have just as grand of
songs as The Who??
But, it doesn't matter.
They're not better!
Thus, the (getting back to the ultimate point of this silly Kinky thread)
*potential* for a new song is higher for The Who than it would be for The
Better is........better.

Good to have you back on list and posting AEB.

Kevin in VT