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Re: Stones vs Who vs Kinks

> > To me that's what The Stone are the best bar band in the world, nothing
wrong with that.
> You can't imagine The Who in a bar.

Imagine it? I lived it, HOB '99. :)

> > "If you look at Who history it's easy to forget we
> > started with
> > 'I Can't Explain,' which was a *desperate* copy of
> > The Kinks.
> > I obviously worship -- well, actually, worship isn't
> > the word,
> > I *exalt* -- Ray Davies, but also Dave Davies.

Big T does too.  re: Uncut int.

> > Kinks were
> > just spectacularly brilliant.  People in America
> > talk about 'The
> > Beatle, the Stones, The Who.'  For me it's 'The
> > Beatles, the
> > Stones, The Kinks.'  *They* were the ones."

The reason they aren't as big in the US was because they were banned here
from 1966 until 1969.  That pretty much killed their career in the US.  Dave
Davies in his book talks of The Who opening for the Kinks (and coping their
style) and then a few years later in a true reversal of fortune The Kinks
are opening for The Who and left in the dust.

I talked to Jim Rodford (latter era Kinks bass player)in Feb. and he said
there is a standing offer on the table for the original Kinks (Davies X2,
Avory, Quaife) to tour but Dave is the only one who doesn't want too.