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Kink Kronikles

From: Marcus Surrealius <bushchoked@xxxxxxxxx>

They don't play live, haven't for years. So unless the
preprossed radio played a song, or a friend turned you
on to them, how could you?

> record bin, so maybe the experts (Mark and Lew)
> could give us a hand in
> choosing which way to approach exploring this
> important band.

I'd say it depends on where you want to go with it. I
think their best two albums are Arthur and Muswell
Hillbillies. For your average Who fan, however, I'd
suggest one of two. If you're more into Tommy-type
Who, Face To Face or Arthur. I'm listening to FTF as I
write this. If you're more into Quad Who then maybe
Schoolboys In Disgrace or Soap Opera. You really can't
go wrong with anything from FTF (1966) to Muswell
(1972), skip a few to Soap Opera (1975) to Word Of
Mouth (1984), but naturally the music is influenced by
the timeperiod.


In my opinion, _every_ album by TheKinks is indespensible!

For 60's era British Invasion "hits" ...check out (I am referring to original vinyl
LP releases:


You Really Got Me


Kinks Size
Kinda Kinks


The Live Kinks

For the more sophisticated, thematic/concept 60's LPs try:

Face To Face ('66)
Something Else by TheKinks ('67)
The Kinks Are The Village Green Preservation Society ('68)
ARTHUR (or the decline and fall of the British Empire) ('69)

The thematic/concept album masterpieces from the 70's are:

Lola versus powerman and the Money-go-Round ('70)
Muswell Hillbillies ('71)
Everybody's in Showbiz ('72)
Preservation Act I ('73)
Preservation Act II ('74)
Soap Opera ('75)
Schoolboys in Disgrace ('75)
Sleepwalker ('77)
Misfits ('78)
Low Budget ('79)

The 80's were a period of transition for most British Invasion bands
TheKinks, TheWho-> and the rolling  stones* included, and even
Ray Davies floundered, but two releases stand out for me, that
being "Think Visual" (84) and "UK Jive" tho' several others were released,

Give the People What They Want ('81)
State of Confusion ('83)
Word of Mouth ('84)

The 90's saw the great "To The Bone" and Ray's first ever solo CD, the
masterpiece that I have been fortunate enough to see Ray perform
in concert twice, titled "Storyteller."

The music speaks for itself....*if* you have ears for it.


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