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Re: the rolling stones* ... TheWho-> ... TheKinks ~ Re: Pete In Uncut

From: "Jim M" <petenotped@xxxxxxxxxxx>

----- Original Message ----- From: "An English Boy" <

> My fiance and I were awakened by our alarm yesterday with TheKinks'
> "Hardway" playing (Sharon had never heard it).

Firstly, congratulations.  Secondly, cut it out.  Hardway, on the *radio*?
Now *that's* spooky.



Cut what out?

Yes....on KRUSH 95.5 fm in Northern California.

Spooky..?  They play TheBeachBoys'  ... "Add Some Music" every Sunday
at 8 am sharp...this morning we woke to Stevie Winwood singing with the
Spencer Davis Group on "Gimme Some Love" from '67.

No...it's not an oldies station...just free-form radio pleasantly mixed with old 'n' new.

Often we wake up to the "Underture" from *Thomas* and then we.....


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