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the rolling stones* ... TheWho-> ... TheKinks ~ Re: Pete In Uncut

From: "Schrade, Scott" <sschrade@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

> Hardway is from  Schoolboys in Disgrace 1975.  It IS Can't Explain,
> same chords same progression, just played a lot faster.

In case anyone is confused, when Pete states that "I Can't Explain"
is heavily influenced by The Kinks, he's of course referring to the
Kinks song "All Day and All of the Night" which came out in late 1964
as opposed to "I Can't Explain" which came out in early 1965.


My fiance and I were awakened by our alarm yesterday with TheKinks'
"Hardway" playing (Sharon had never heard it).  I started pounding out
air-guitar powerchords and singing it word for word, then quickly grabbed
the vinyl record to show her just  one of many, many theme/concept albums
by TheKinks that started with 1966's "Face to Face!"

I saw TheKnack open for Boston in San Bernardino in '79 and they played
Hardway as the only cover in their set. Very cool.


I am changing jobs and have 4 days free to catch up on the
Stones v. Who v. Kinks discussion, so ready-up your delete buttons.

IMO, TheBeaTles is the ONLY other British Invasion band worthy
of being included with these three great bands.


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