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Re: Who v. Stones

In a message dated 4/1/04 6:34:47 PM, TheWho-Digest-Owner@xxxxxxxx writes:

<< Debbie:

Uh...what about Satanic Majesty's and Goat's Head
Soup? Also random songs like Dandelion (one of my
favorites) and Child Of The Moon? Country Tonk, for
that matter. I think it depends. I have a great love
of their more experimental stuff. >>


That's the thing about the Stones, they are hard to classify.  I'm not sure 
they know what they are.  They tend to fit garage band best, at least when I 
try to classify them.  But there are as you point out, more than a few 
exceptions that throws them out of that category.  

Someone the other day mentioned they're a cover band and I can see where that 
impression would come from.  The Stones are all over the map at times.  And 
not because they've reinvented themselves at times.  It's more because they 
never got around to a definition in the first place.

<<Coke? Pepsi? Pepsi's too sweet, Coke is definitely The Who.>>

I always find Coke sweeter than Pepsi.  Personal taste - it's so erratic.


"And Staples Girls are so extraaaaaavagant...I just don't have that much 
driiiiivvvvvvel..."  - Alan, 2/12/03