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Re: Stones vs Who vs Kinks

> Bruce:
> I'd heard that, but could find nothing concrete so I
> didn't add it to my history. Even so, they didn't
> record the entire tour...which The Who must have in
> 1969,

However, all the shows recorded were after Oakland. Live'R was the second
ever bootleg after GWW.  They may have heard what was going on.  remember
legitimate stores were selling bootlegs at the time as they weren't illegal.

given the number of Tommy boots out there.
> But I skimmed the sites you listed and unless I missed
> something major...the only vocal overdubs were some
> lost verses here and there. The Who did as much with
> LAL Heaven And Hell.

There was some tinkering with guitars.

> > Reverse that, I think. :)
> OK. I should also add the London Hot Rocks disc one
> w/the stereo mixes was made in West Germany. If anyone
> ever sees one of these, please contact me. I have only
> a copy, and I'd like the original.

I can ask my Stones friend but haven't these appeared elsewhere since.  One
of the local radio stations only plays the stereo Satisfaction now.

> > The best live Stones recording  Bootleg or Legit is
> > Brussels '73 (recorded by KBFH).
> I have that one, it is great but not as good IMHO as
> Leeds. There's also a London show from the 1973 tour
> which has virtually the same set (one song
> difference).

Opinions vary, but Brusels is not only a great performance it's well
recorded.  Huge stereo separation, it's easy to tell what Mick T. and Keith
are doing.

> Yeah...I can't stomach the Nicks FM but when Peter
> Green was there, they were supreme. Green's recent
> albums, with Splinter Group, have been damned fine
> too.

I haven't heard any new news but early in the year Green broke up the band
and disappeared.

> Agreed. Zep, for a little while, we as good as The
> Who, performance-wise anyway.
> (ducking thrown shoes)

To me there were a couple of performance drop offs, one after '70 and a
major one ofter '73.  I put it down to drugs

> > No you don't. :)
> No, I really do. You and Brian are the intellect and
> knowledge of this list. I figure you two are going to
> know better at the very least 90% of the time.

> We're not worthy, we're not worthy.
Oh, stop it! :)

> > But it's killer rock n roll, 2-4 chords 3m.
> Well, if that's the standard...but for me, it's about
> the band progressing.

To me that's what The Stone are the best bar band in the world, nothing
wrong with that.

> > Even Miss You is listenable,
> I'll have to disagree with you again...
Well it has worn thin on me lately because of Bobby Keys 10m sax solo of the
last 10 years tours.

> I'd put it back one to Beggar's Banquet and forward
> one to Goat's Head Soup, but yeah. That was the Stones
> progressing with their songwriting and complexity of
> sound.

I'll give you Beggers but Goats is a major drop off for me.