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Re: The Who Mailing List Digest V11 #87

Debbie, re

> > Pete picks subjects that no one else seems to want to touch, but ones
that are very important to *humanity*.
> >
> > The Stones do sing about rape, underage sex, race, oil/drug cartels,
> > prostitution, unemployment, murder, psychopaths, drug overdoses,
etc...., all popular
> > subjects for songs and none of which are important to humanity.

Curiously, though I love the Stones' earlier material, principally the "pop"
singles of the 60's, about the best post 1971 song of theirs for me is
Undercover of the night, which I believe is a kind of a "protest" song.

Incidentally, I have really enjoyed the posts about the Stones v the Who, or
more accurately the Stones and the Who - no flames, no "my band;s better
than your band", just some intelligent well researched and well put
arguments and facts.

And thanks Mark for the explanations on GYYYO, and to the guy (if it wasn't
Mark) who posted those detailed websites relating to GYYYO.

Excellent stuff, and very much appreciated!