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Daltrey: Band Had To Go On

The Who's Daltrey Says Band Had to Go On 


Thu Apr 1, 8:38 AM ET  

By The Associated Press 

NEW YORK - Despite the death of bassist John Entwistle (news) in 2002, 
The Who just had to go on making music, said singer Roger Daltrey. 

"Our friends are going to be popping off around us, but you have to go 
on," Daltrey told The Associated Press in an interview. 

The Who, known for such 1960s anthems as "My Generation" and "Pinball
Wizard," as well as rock opera "Tommy," continued to perform and record 
after the death of drummer Keith Moon (news) in 1978. The band performed 
in London this week to benefit the Teenage Cancer Trust. 

Daltrey said the spirit of Entwistle and Moon are a part of the music. 

"As soon as we play the music, John's alive, Keith is alive," he said. 

The two remaining band members, including guitarist-songwriter Pete 
Townshend (news), have each launched solo careers, but Daltrey said that
without each other, "It doesn't sound like The Who." 

"You put Pete and I together, something happens and I don't know what that
is, the chemistry that creates that but it's a gift that we were given."

- SCHRADE in Akron

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