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The Kinks in your logic....

>From: Marcus Surrealius <bushchoked@xxxxxxxxx>
>Subject: Re: Stones vs Who vs Kinks
>> I didn't say on "The Who level", I'm looking at the
>> level of the songs above. The Grand level.
>That would be the Who level, wouldn't it!

Every band has songs that are above what they normally produce.
The best songs of The Who are considered, not just by Who fans, as staples in rock.
You *can't* say that about the other bands you've listed.
>> You could, but I still wouldn't recognize a one. 
>Then you are sadly lacking in your musical education,
>my lad.

Sorry Grandpa, but I've tried to get into The Kinks, but couldn't.
I tried.
I had friends in college who liked them.  I sat, and sat again and listened, but was not turned on.  Just an "eh".

>The Kinks were certainly on the Who level for
>a while.

Maybe before 1971.
After that, no way.
And don't think I don't know that you are a big Kinks head (?).

>But concerning Waterloo Sunset...one of the two
>greatest Pop songs ever recorded (XTC's Senses Working
>Overtime being the other)...it's as perfect in its way
>as I Can See For Miles.

Ooooo, "senses working ohhhhh-*verrrrr*-time."  

And, I Can See For Miles is no where near the quality song as Baba, or WAY, or WGFA, BBE.
Hey, I'm not the one requesting them on the radio.
I'm not the executive at the radio station determining what songs the public is still asking for and thus playing so as to keep garnering listeners.
>The Who wrote epic songs (for
>the most part) whereas Kinks' songs were more

Like an enema?

>> Tell me the last time any of these songs made it to
>> the radio?
>All of the time in most places I've ever been. And
>that's been in most of the country.

"All of the time" ?

*ALL* of the time?

Not even *some* of the time.
You can't with a straight face tell me those lame songs get more air play then The Who's staples...grand songs.
I know it's not true.
I grew up listening to DC radio.
I've listened to Baltimore radio.
I've listened to San Fran CA. radio for many, many summers.
I listen to VT radio now.

The Who dominates over Kinks or XTC or those other hard to remember bands.  ;-)

>> Nope, i think you've misunderstood the point.
>I didn't, I'm just saying that fans of any band...even
Milli Vanili (sp?)...feel the same way you do about
The Who.

See?  You *have* missed my point.
Step back and look at what is still played.
I'm not going by my own opinion here.
There have been lists upon lists, top-100 song shows upon top-100 song shows, and many other survey's conducted.
And, those grand songs by The Who always end up near the top of those lists.
The very top always includes Beatles, Stones, Zep, and .....Da Who.
Rock and Roll has one collection of music.
And, that collection has The Who in it's highest echelon.
The Kinks and XTP are side-notes in Rock and Roll's diary....Rock and Roll's biography.

Doth protesteth too much....

>I've had people tell me Styx was the greatest
>band in Rock history.

And, that claim is supported by what?  What list (not that that is the end all) has Styx up near the top???

>While Mr. Roboto echoes through
>my brain, I smile at their face and realize it's
>impossible to reason with them.

You smile for fear of setting a looney off.

>Not for me. The programmers are cowards and take no
>chances on great music. They want bland.

Mark called The Who bland!  Mark called The Who bland!
Give me your damn Who membership card!  You're either with us, or against us!!!!!!
Oh, wait, I didn't mean that....

>I'm a Rock fan, and a Who fan because they're the best
>Rock band overall.

What's that?

>a Who fan because they're the best
>Rock band overall.

One more time..

>a Who fan because they're the best
>Rock band overall.

Ok, keep your card.

>But I'd never say they are
>untouchable. That's not realistic.

You're saying Quad isn't untouchable??
Give me your card!

While Quad is clearly a fan acquired taste (for those music fans *with* finely tuned tastes...), Quad songs are not at the echelon of WGFA, Baba, etc.

>If the bands I
>mentioned and others I didn't stir the same devotion,
>emotion and loyalty in others...we have to accept

In the individual.
But, we're talking about the mass public.
Hell, The Kinks and XTC don't even make it to the "legends of rock".

You're at the beach.
Do a survey.
I'll do one here

>That's my job. If we accept everything as a given or

If it walks like a duck, talks like a duck, and tastes like a duck, it *is* one, and shouldn't be brought home!  (?)

>How bout this kind of discussion:
>"The Who's the best."

Subjective.  Need a survey of public opinion.

>"Yep. I love them."

Only a statement of a persons sentiment.

>"How about that WGFA?"

Sure kicks the ass of any song by The Kinks, XTC, and just about every band in the world with the arguable exception of some songs by The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, and Led Zeppelin (pains me to write that, even though we know it's not true).

>"Incredible. Play it all the time."

Shame I can't say the same for The Kinks or XTP-P.
Oh, and thanks a whole hell of a lot for getting that stupid song "senses working ohhhhh-*verrrrr*-time." stuck in my head.
Make it stop!!!!!!!
(sorry, I know you're a fan..)

>Al true <everything Kevin in VT writes>, but for some reason I can't fathom, in Rock
>music no band so far has ever touched their "golden
>period" after the time has passed. 

We're on the same page here.

>I'm not saying it
>can't be done, and if anyone could do it...

It's a no brainer!!!!!!!!!!

Glad that's settled.

>"The latest study by gays finds that republicans can
>change their orientation through counseling."
Or, simply getting an education?

I, to my core, don't understand why anyone these days, let alone an entire political group would want to discriminate against other human beings.

Kevin in VT

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