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Re: New Cd and new songs

In a message dated 4/1/2004 9:44:42 AM Eastern Standard Time, 
amck@xxxxxxxxxxxx writes:
I think it's going too far to say she lied to him.  It's a fact that 
Pete does not look like Elvis.  You could make a fine case (and Pete 
does) for looking beyond appearances to the soul within -- his mother 
didn't do that, and (again, given what's presented in the song) I 
wouldn't argue if you wanted to call her insensitive and even 
mistaken.  But a mistake is not a lie, and there's no reason to think 
that she was giving anything less than her honest opinion.


Do you have kids?

I think this is the point of the whole song.  I believe that his mother 
thought exactly like what you said.  It was an objective comment with no ill intent 
and to her is was a true statement.
I think Pete used this to compare her with society as a whole.  Society is 
very outward. Look who is the most popular in music today and look what they 
look like.  -But it is meaningless!

Having three kids of my own, I realize that they are each individual precious 
vessels.  I wouldn't and couldn't tell them something so "true" as what 
Pete's mom told him.  Maybe the neighbor would, but not me. Never. Those are the 
three most beautiful faces I've ever seen and I tell them so often. They can 
thank Pete in part for that someday.

According to the song, Pete didn't even consider himself to be ugly until his 
mom told him so.  A parent's words are gospel to a child who doesn't know 
better.  What we say to our kids may make or break them.  It may have been 
harmless and true to her, but it was extremely damaging and painful to Pete. It may 
have been the most damaging thing in his life. Look at the time he has taken 
to speak on this subject. 

So many people live lives of protecting themselves and of covering their 
"defects." So much communication is lost due to the protection of the self from 
the hurtful words of others. Some turn to the wrong crowd. Some go to drugs. 
Some sell their bodies. Most treat others the way they themselves were treated. 
Trust is lost and walls are everywhere.  Somehow Pete managed to survive.

These two songs are two lessons. 

Jon in Mi.