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I feel like I got a good amount of media people enlightened with "A Different 
Bomb".  Unfortunately, I got into it with this guy "Deke".  Boy, he let me 
have it too!  I only partly deserved it too!!  Can't I make it through one 
day without pissing someone off?  How I loathe myself.....

Anyway, as I watch the news, and I hear Shepard Smith on Fox report about 
Pete with the negative slant, I am discouraged.  I feel like I am going to 
back off a few days.  This battle will continue for a very long time, and I 
can pick up my effort for the cause at a later date when I have regained a 
more positive perspective.

So, for now, I am going to do my part by praying.  I can do that without 
making anyone mad!  But, if anyone needs me for anything, give me a nudge.