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Pete out on bail

Pete's released on bail.
Can't help but think of the song BBE as you stare at the photo of an
arrested (or bailed) Pete.
The thoughts that must be running through his mind.

News coverage in the US tonight seems to be pretty matter of fact.
Pete arrested for....
Pete gave Credit Card info once, but was for research for book on child

What's a "solicitor" (UK term for spokesperson?)?

Kevin in VT

Who star Townsend bailed

Mr Townshend was arrested on Monday night

Rock star Pete Townshend has been released on bail by police after he
admitted viewing images of child pornography on the internet.
His solicitor John Cohen said officers had interviewed Mr Townshend for
one hour and twenty minutes at Twickenham station, south-west London.

He due to re-attend the station in late January.

The guitarist had been detained on suspicion of possessing and making
indecent images of children and of incitement to distribute such images.

Mr Townshend has admitted he gave his credit card details to see a child
porn website, but insisted he had done so for research and was not a

Police earlier spent over four hours searching the 57-year-old's home in
Richmond, south-west London.


They arrived at the house at 1500 GMT on Monday and were accompanied by
four detectives who interviewed him.

The operation was agreed by mutual consent said Mr Townshend's solicitor.

A Scotland Yard spokeswoman outside Mr Townshend's home said: "There will
be a thorough and detailed search of the premises. It will take as long as

She said a search warrant had been obtained and computer forensics
officers were among those attending.