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Re: strategies

In a message dated 1/12/03 5:36:04 AM Eastern Standard Time, 
pkeets@hotmail.com writes:

> I've been thinking about this for a while, and I've decided that the best 
> thing for Pete to do would be to use the media blitz to go on a major 
> offensive against child porn.  He's the man in the spotlight, and this 
> would 
> be a terrific opportunity to make some inroads against Internet 
> exploitation 
> of children.  Go, Pete!  The best defense is a good offense.  Give 'em 
> hell.
> Comments from anybody?

Yes. Definitely. I thought of the same thing.  Pete seemed a bit discouraged 
about the lack of response to his cause in the last mention of it on his 

At this point he actually *did* do what he intended to do, use his fame to 
bring attention to this horribly insidious scourge that secretly plagues our 
society via the uncontrollable Internet.  However, at this point he is a 

We like to live our lives and be entertained.  We have dreams and goals and 
pay the bills as they come.  Pete is bothered/concerned by the darkness and 
the light more than the average human.  We receive the benefit of his 
expression and we are entertained by his music. Now it seems he is paying a 
heavy price for his honest searching.  

He is not a quitter.  Never has been.  

Jon in Mi.