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What this looks like to me....

Hi people! :-)

Listen carefully, I'm only gonna say this once. ;-) (and it's all I want to say)

What this whole pedophile story looks like to me is another screw-up in the police system. Pete Townshend found something offensive on the internet and notified the proper authorities.

First of all, the proper authorities seem to have done *NOTHING* about it. That Fullham detective just told him to go elsewhere with his complaint, instead of doing his work and taking ACTION.

Pete Townshend took the action. If he had not subscribed he would have never found the child pornography. If he would have never found it, he would have never been able to notify this to the proper authorities that are SUPPOSED to take action.

And now, the ONLY reason the whole kiddie porn list was busted is because there was a whole highly financed and politically cool OPERATION going on. While I think the kiddie porn business should had gotten busted when upright citizen Pete Townshend notified the police of what he had found.

Don't we all recognize this? You report something to the police and nothing happens! Only when it comes on the political agenda or in the media, action is being taken!

In this case, it was an American big bust (FBI?) which delivered their list of UK subscribers to Scotland Yard (or whatever). And ofcourse the Brits want to look cool (like the FBI) and pretend they've been "working" and start investigating the list that they could have had in October if they had listened to Pete Townshend. How many kids might have they been able to save in those 2 months?

This might sound really hard, but I am disgusted about how things go in this world politically. Nobody seems to listen (at least not in politics!), not even if your name is Pete Townshend and you're a multi-millionaire!

I think the police should credit Pete Townshend for his investigation and admit they hadn't picked up on it. Because they only listen to their American buddies at the FBI and not to the citizens/voters of the UK.

Just another tricky day... And why don't you all f-f-f-f...