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allegations on pete

This is what I wrote to CNN regarding the alleagtions about Pete. I hope they 
read it and do something about it.

Gloria in Mich.

I was stunned to see the reports regarding rock star Pete Townshend and the 
allegations of him being a paedophile. Being a big fan of him and the Who I 
immediately got the facts straight from various news sources on the internet. 
I can't believe that CNN would not give any supporting evidence but instead 
blew it up to be something more than it is, and basically assassinate the 
character of this musical legend. He gives his time and money and goes out of 
his way to do benefit concerts for children with cancer and various other 
charities. Pete has been clear about his feelings on this subject on his 
website and even in his songs. I hope you set the record straight on this 
subject and not let the public believe these false allegations.