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Re: Pete being punished for his bravery

In a message dated 1/11/03 12:58:58 PM Eastern Standard Time, 
schrade@akrobiz.com writes:

> Like Pete, we're all gonna get this thrown in our face during the coming 
> weeks.
> Be ready.

I hear you.  But I already am ready.  I printed A Different Bomb 1 year ago 
and made MANY copies of it and gave it to all the people that I care about 
that have kids.  My wife reached a major breakthrough in her personal horror 
because of help from this man.  I am very pissed off.

At least those close to me will already understand that it is media bullshit. 
Those Evil  Bastards.

We need to do whatever we have to to help him.  Most do not care enough to 
find out the truth.  

Jon in Mi.