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The Child Pornography Scandal

I read the front page of the Daily Mail this morning: an unnamed Rock Star,
"a household name both sides of the Atlantic" had been caught using his
credit card to access child porn websites.  At the time, I though to myself
"please don't let this be Pete".

But, now, he's admitted it was him.

I firmly believe that he was only interested in visiting the site to see
what it was all about, so that he could better understand the problem and
try to tackle it.  He's written on his website about his hatred for child
porn a number of times before.

But most people, it's sad to say, won't believe him.  He's going to be the
butt of many jokes for a long time to come.  The Gary Glitter jokes were
starting to wear a bit thin.  Now the world has a new "disgraced rock star"
to laugh at.


It's a sad day,


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