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Q:  During the Guess Who's first trip to England, you discovered the
British psychedelic movement. You basically introduced Jimi Hendrix to 

R.B:  We brought back extra copies for our friends! So instead of coming
back from England as failures, which we were [laughing], we came back as 
heroes.  We didn't tell the bad things about our trip, only the good things: 

We hung around the Crawdaddy Club and played pinball next to Brian 
Jones, and saw the Stones play. 

We saw The Who play at the Marquee Club and argued over our names: 
"We are the Guess Who from Canada.  We wanna talk to you about the 

"Well, we can't talk right now, but sit here."  A crew was there, filming The 
Who for German television.  The guy keeps stopping them, saying, "You're 
too loud, you're making the film vibrate in the camera.  It's gonna be blurred!" 

We sit there for three hours with our brains being blown out, our ears 
whistling.  It's over, they come to the table -- John Entwistle and Pete 
Townshend -- and say, "What's all this about our name?"  And I said, "Why 
don't you go back to being the High Numbers?" 

Townshend says, "Look, there's the Byrds and there's the Yardbirds. 
There can be the Who and the Guess Who."  Then John Entwistle looked
at us and said, "Yeah. So why don't you Guess Who just bugger off?" 

This went on to be a running joke for years.  We'd check into a hotel and 
they'd say, "Oh, the rest of your band is here."  "What do you mean, the rest 
of my band?"  "The Who.  John Entwistle's in his room."  Everyone got the 
bands mixed up. 

So we go up -- obviously they are asleep -- bang on the door.  Entwistle 
opens the door and (bandmate) Burton Cummings and I are standing there, 
saying, "Hi! We're the Guess Who!  Bugger off!" and we'd run to our rooms. 

Then we'd be staying at the Hyatt in L.A., they'd find out we were there. 
They would call our rooms and say, "Hi, this is The Who.  Bugger off!" 

And five years ago I played in Ringo Starr's All-Star Band, and lo and 
behold, the bass player is John Entwistle.  We greet each other and say, 
"Hi. Bugger off!"  It became a Monty Pythonesque kind of greeting.