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2003 CES, Day Three 
By Jon Iverson and Barry Willis 

January 10, 2003  Back to the Alexis Park for a press
conference with Classic Records, which has decided to
release its first DVD-Audio disc around February 15.
Classic was one of the very first labels to take
advantage of the original DVD specification's ability
to hold a 24/96 two-channel audio track, and it
started releasing DAD discs exactly five years ago.
The company's first DVD-A release will be the Vanguard
title Songs of the Auvergne, which will feature a
24/192 two-channel DVD-A track and 24/96 two-channel
DVD-V track. 

Classic's Mike Hobson says that the decision to jump
into DVD-A was not made lightly and that he consulted
many technical experts in the industry, not to mention
mathematicians, before determining that PCM was the
way to go. He then got together with Muse's Kevin
Halverson and developed a special battery-powered
analog-to-digital 24/192 converter in order to master
his discs.

Hobson also announced that his label will be releasing
about a dozen discs over the coming year, with titles
from Pete Townsend, Procol Harum, Vanguard's catalog,
and other sources.

-Brian in Atlanta
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