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Unfortunately, it sounds just a bit slowed down to my ears.  And that 
can be bothersome.  And there are only 10 tracks.  

"Heaven & Hell" fades in halfway through the song.  Next is "I Can't
Explain," followed by "Overture," "It's a Boy," & "1921."

Followed by "Amazing Journey," "Sparks," "Acid Queen," "Summer-
time Blues," & finally "My Generation."

There are some digital clicks during MG but it's a brilliant 11-minute
plus performance containing plenty of exciting moments.  No "Sparks"
reprise, however.  Still, some great guitar work.

Too bad it all sounds slowed down.  And H&H is incomplete.  This
could've been an outstanding boot.

Simple, maroon cover with a B&W picture of Pete jumping.  Claims
to be on the Night Hawk "label."  No booklet.  One live band shot

Final Grade:  B-


- SCHRADE in Akron