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RE: Who are They kick ass in New Orleans (sort of)


Great minds think alike!

OK, I can't resist and I want to beat AEB to the "punch."

>Original Message:
>From: Sroundtable@aol.com
>Date: Wed, 8 Jan 2003 14:09:13 EST
>To: TheWho@igtc.com
>Subject: Who are They kick ass in New Orleans (sort of)

>1. came out swinging the mike in Can't Explain, then during the first solo
>i was twirling it over my head and the guitarist on my right was getting
>too close so i briefly took my eye off the mike to look at him to make
sure >i didn't hit him and clocked myself right in the forehead. It's
pretty >sore right now. It didn't deter me from swinging it throughout the
show, >in fact I probably swung it more because of it. I wonder if Roger
ever hit >himself with the mike?

mc, are you now punching yourself in the face?

Only kidding, only kidding*,

Rick in Maine

P.T. at Mansfield, MA 09/27/02

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