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Who are They kick ass in New Orleans (sort of)

For anyone interested, our gig went very well last night at Tipitina's in 
uptown New Orleans.  The bad thing is that their audio and video tech told me 
they had a power outage at some point and may have lost a good portion of the 
show.  He is going to try to extract what he can from it.  I should have 
insisted on having them use our recorder as a back-up, but I thought they had 
their shit together.  Here are a few highlights:

1. came out swinging the mike in Can't Explain, then during the first solo i 
was twirling it over my head and the guitarist on my right was getting too 
close so i briefly took my eye off the mike to look at him to make sure i 
didn't hit him and clocked myself right in the forehead.  It's pretty sore 
right now.  It didn't deter me from swinging it throughout the show, in fact 
I probably swung it more because of it.  I wonder if Roger ever hit himself 
with the mike?

2. decent crowd, somewhere around 120-150.  They stood too far away from the 
stage, though, because they were afraid of the mike.

3. An awkward spot during second BOR guitar solo since we have no harmonica 
or violin and we haven't found the best way yet to get to the big finish w/o 
the violin.  Any suggestions?  I was shaky on a note or two, due to a combo 
of nerves and adjusting to the venue.  

4. Who Are You was nice, but backing vox needs beefing up.

5. Tommy medley: Had to cut Capt Walker/Amaz Journ due to time
-Pinball Wizard blistered.  Best we've ever played it.  
-I'm Free kicked ass, as well.  My band mates love the song.  Our lead 
guitarist does a beautiful solo on this song.
-LTY was a disaster.  The guitarist started it WAY to fast and couldn't get 
back to the right pace.  It was near impossible to sing the lyrics to the 
pace.  It was awful, though the music itself didn't sound that bad,  I 
sounded like a moron trying to sing that song that fast.

6. Paranoid- remembered all the words and the song went very well.  Crowd 

7. Layla- best we've ever played it.  lots of compliments on it after.

8. My Generation- sounded fine but we're weak as shit on backing vox, which 
is SO important for this song.  End jam was good- threw in roadrunner and 
Join Together lyrics.

9. After the guy came out and said let's hear it for Who Are They, lead 
guitar reminded me that we forgot Magic Bus, so they let us go ahead and play 
it.  Easy and fun song, so it went well.

Overall it was blast.  Would have liked to play BBE, but we figured that 
given the time, only 45 min, it was expendable.  It will def be a staple in 
longer sets.  The voice loosened up by WAY and held up well.  I also banged 
the cymbals with my mike a few times during songs and did the semi-windmills 
with my mike arm, so I used a good portion of Daltrey stage techniques.  
Sorry this was long, but thought the people here would be interested in a 
fellow lister playing Who music.