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quitting after cincinatti- rubbish!!

In a message dated 1/7/03 2:55:40 PM Central Standard Time, 
TheWho-Digest-Owner@igtc.com writes:

> The eerie part is how he puts himself in JAE's
> place and talks about how they should've stopped after Keith died and then
> again after Cincinnatti.  The piece apparently was bought by Playboy a month
> before John died.

I'm not commenting on this piece because i haven't read it, but I am baffled 
at those who believed and still believe that the Who should have packed it in 
after Cincinatti.  The opinion that Keith's death should have been the end is 
a legit opinion, though i disagree with it, but I can't at all understand why 
anyone thinks the cincinatti tragedy should have caused the Who to break up 
(though it wasn't long after this that they did).  The Who had absolutely 
NOTHING to do with what happened there.  It was stadium officials who botched 
that royally, and they didn't even tell the band until after the show.  And 
what a horrible final note that would have been for the band, their last show 
marred by 11 deaths and numerous injuries.  To continue after Cincinatti was 
a no-brainer.