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Re: The Who Mailing List Digest V10 #5

>If truer words have ever been spoken Mark, I've never heard 'em!


Unfortunately. Sometimes it's no fun being right. I keep telling myself "Just two more years..."

>Sail. Fade away.


I was talking about Roger, not Pete.

>While I agree with the above statement, I really hope that's not his

Who cares what the motivation is? I mean, let's face it: Roger is a performer, not an artist (Pete is both). So he's not agonizing over the fact he cannot practice his Art. He wants to be a Rock Star. Hey, so do I!

What's your NY resolution?

Oh, nothing really. To exercise more. I doubt that thrills ANYONE, is what I meant.

>Then he "could" call the collaboration something other than The Who.

I think that would be a wise move. Then the huge shadow of the greatest Rock band that ever walked the face of the Earth won't obscure the light of the work.

>Ya know, it almost seems like Pete will call the new album an album by The
Who just because Plant and Page didn't. It's like since they made the

That's a point. I still can't forgive Plant's arrogance in saying they couldn't go on without Bonham after The Who continued without Moon. Then again, Zep was in STEEP decline and IMHO Plant just wanted a graceful way out.

Ahhhhh, the competition between The Who and Zep continues.

Heh heh heh. There IS no competition. I played the LAL Sparks for a Zep fan who refused to believe they were completely influenced by The Who. Score another one for our side...

>The *only* way it would work is if they call the album "Who's Left".

I could live with that. It does go along with their sense of humor. In fact, it goes right along with Entwistle's.

You mean Udder, right?

Why, because it's "cowboy diplomacy?"

>Hey, I'm living in VT!

We all have our burdens to bear. I'm in South Carolina...top that one, if you can!

"I am for Affirmative Action"
     Trent "big tent" Lott

                                             Cheers             ML
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