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Easier to find Stereo A Quick One

Thanks to Hoges at alt.music.who for this:

This is from the Release Dates (To Be Rescheduled)
section in the January 2003 issue of ICE:

A number of readers have been unable to find MCA's
newly-upgraded true-stereo of The Who's A Quick One
(ICE #187), We contacted label VP Andy McKaie, who
tells ICE that even he was having difficulty tracking
one down internally, as of early December. The trouble
is, nothing on the packaging was changed because this
was a standard "running change/slip into production"
upgrade as labels sometimes do. 

However, an identifying shrink-wrap sticker was
printed but hasn't been used yet by the manuafacturing
plant (in upstate New York). So for now, it's a
lottery: only lucky consumers have gotten the upgraded

But that should change right after the holidays.
"Hopefully we'll burn off the old ones soon," McKaie
tells ICE, "and we'll get these new ones out there
shortly, with the sticker. Then people will be able to
discern one from the other".

-Brian in Atlanta
The Who This Month!
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