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I tip my hat to the New (Year's) resolution

>Exactly. And, if he *hasn't* been thinking about the "what ifs", I'd bet
Roger slides it in to the conversation from time to time. You *know*
Roger's been thinking about it.


What else has he got to do? He knows well enough that his solo career is only going to lose him money. A Who project is his only chance to make a little cash.

>Yeah, Pete's good with the mind control thing. But with John's passing, it
almost begs to be asked (what if, or why'd I wait this long......?).

I must say I'm not thrilled with Pete's NY resolution. Then again, he might not be thrilled with mine either...

>be excited. *You'd* be excited. Maybe even Mark.

I was engaged, wary and worried that they might make a mediocre album but hopeful they would "do it right" and make a roots, basic solid Rock album. I have no doubt Pete can come up with the material. Roger can sing it, well enough, in a studio anyway. Entwistle was pretty amazing in 2000, so my assumption would be that THIS time they'd showcase his performance in a way no studio album has done. NOW, however, it's going to be a Who album in the way that a McCartney album is a Beatles album.

>way to deal with the death of John. And, because he's the little engine
that could.

Then he "could" call the collaboration something other than The Who.

>It will be good to hear new music.
Just hope the grand public repercussions aren't....grand....or too damaging.

As long as they don't call it The Who. I hate to keep referring to it, but the best example is Walking To Clarksdale by Page/Plant. It's a great album as a solo project (of sorts)...but if it had been called a Zep album, it would have been a weak offering and caused a lot of disappointment.

>Things went nuts on 9/11/01.

And as a result the nuts in charge are poised to bring this country to complete and utter ruin.

"I am for Affirmative Action"
     Trent "bringing back integrity" Lott

                                             Cheers             ML
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