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Re: Who Are They plays at world famous Tipitina's in New Orleans

I know you won't believe this, mc,

(especially after ignoring my private email to you months ago
wherein I told you that I thought *you* and the newer school
of Who->Fans were the future of TheWho-> and it's driving voice)

but, as a pro musician myself, on a small scale, I wish you the
best of luck, and do notice that you've chosen less than EASY
material to perform.....hat's off and break-a-leg, ASSHOLE!

~The Grumpy English Boy~ (Gimme a raised dress, I *need* to bite!)


From: Sroundtable@aol.com
Reply-To: thewho@igtc.com
To: TheWho@igtc.com
Subject: Who Are They plays at world famous Tipitina's in New Orleans
Date: Sun, 05 Jan 2003 21:36:36 -0500

Well, for those few who are interested in Mc's embryonic Who cover band, we are the third of a 3-band showcase at Tipitina's Uptown night club in New Orleans. Each band gets a 45 min set. We'll be using the same stage that folks like Fats Domino, Cowboy Mouth, and Better Than Ezra have played (and a bunch more famous people, but I don't know all of them). It's a big deal for us because it could be a prelude to some bigger gigs. We are also the only Who coverband in the area, which gives us a pretty cool hook. Here is the setlist:

I Can't Explain/You Really Got Me (thought it was cool to blend a Kinks song with ICE)

Baba O'Riley

Who Are You

Magic Bus

Tommy Medley:
-Capt Walker jam/Amazing Journey
-Pinball Wizard
-I'm Free
-Listening To You (bandmates made me cut SMFM)

Paranoid (Black Sabbath)

Behind Blue Eyes

My Generation (added vocals from Roadrunner and Join Together during the end jam)

Will be a challenge to get all this in under 45min, but I think we can do it. Practices have been good and the voice has been resilient. Hopefully I'll be able to post some pix/mp3s/videos of it.


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