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As The Shock Wears Off....

Well, the shock is finally starting to wear off.  I went out & got
pretty loaded last night.  It's nice to have understanding friends
I could share a toast with.

Many people at a local bar came up to me & said they were 
thinking of me & wondering how I was.  One concerned girl
even gave me a hug.  

Yesterday was weird - one minute I'd be laughing & joking
with friends & the next minute I'd realize again, The OX is dead.
Distraction, realization.  Distraction, realization.  The whole day
was like that.

Today, his death almost seems like old news.  The cut is start-
ing to scar over.

When I told people that the band was going to continue on with
the tour, many of them seemed surprised & quickly asked me
how *I* felt about that - clearly indicating by their tone that they
thought the idea was disrespectful.

Me?  I *am* happy they're continuing.  I'm going to get the 
opportunity to recollect & grieve with a bunch of Who freaks.
What better way to celebrate the life of this great man.

I'll be at five shows - with my fist in the air & tears in my eyes.


- SCHRADE in Akron