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Pino diary entry


29 June 2002
Pino Palladino to replace the Ox

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Bobby and I welcomed Pino to L.A last night. By some incredible stroke of good fortune he was in the USA (Philadelphia) about to fly to the UK after working some sessions in Miami. He agreed immediately to step in to this difficult post. He is a gentleman and a professional.

We talked a little about his role here, and I made it clear we do not expect him to attempt to emulate, parody or copy John Entwistle in any way. Pino is a master in his own way, but the one request I made was that - at first - he play as loud as he can bear!

We have two rehearsals before the Hollywood Bowl - one today (Saturday) one tomorrow.

For my part I am not attempting to deliberately establish any sense of memorial or tribute to John. I don't know for certain that John would have wanted us to go on, neither would it matter if I thought he would not have approved. I simply believe we have a duty to go on, to ourselves, ticket buyers, staff, promoters, big and little people. I also have a duty to myself, my dependent family and friends, and to guide Roger and the rest of the band at this time.

Roger left the decision as to whether to go on or not to me. I think he hoped in his heart it would not be over so suddenly.

My immediate mission is to complete this tour in good heart, and to remember John in quiet and private times. It is easy for me to smile when I remember John. I loved him unconditionally. I will try hard not to fall into any of my usual mini-depressions on this tour. Pino is determined to enjoy the music, and so am I.

We are musicians, entertainers. We can do it. We have the right tools. No worries.

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