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Re: MUST the show go on?

Pino Pallidino played for DST.  He knows the music.

I'm having very mixed feelings about the tour continuing. I wish like Hell they'd gotten Tony Butler (of Big Country), who has also played with Pete and could definitely do an extremely credible job...and happens to be out of work. I'm not exactly in a position to advise. I would have advised Carl Palmer instead of Kenney Jones, too, but that's the past. Anyway.

I'm glad to be able to still get together with Boston show attendees. So there's that. And I suppose Simon will still be playing a show the night before too. All good. We won't be so sad by then.

Ah well. I'm not any happier now than I was when I thought the tour was cancelled. Nor any sadder. Just wondering aloud, I guess. And there will always be a part of me which believes they should have stopped right here, with heads held high and on a very high note.

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