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Re: Spreading the Gospel

On Fri, 21 Jun 2002 10:10:51 -0600, Sigel James Civ 10 ABW/LGCW
<James.Sigel@usafa.af.mil> wrote:

>>One of the doormen at my building is a MAJOR Who fan, and
>>periodically, I've been giving him various bootlegs that he enjoys so
>>much. I sometimes give them to other friends and acquaintances too,
>>since I just love sharing The Joy of the Who. :-)
>I try not to be too overzealous when it comes to converting the sick; i.e.,
>non-Who fans, but I remember this little hippie at a gas station near my
>house a few years ago.  I used to say "hi" and "what's up" whenever there,
>but one night he was totally jamming out to some kind of tripe on the local
>FM station.  I think it was Guns 'n Roses or something equally foul.
>Anyway, he was going on about how great they were and other gobbly gook, so
>I asked him if he'd ever heard of The Who.  Of course not.  So into
>Missionary mode I went.  He said he liked albums/vinyl and I had at least
>three or four copies of Quad on vinyl, so I went home and brought one back
>for him.  I saw him about a week later, and bless his little hippie heart,
>he was converted...  Thought I'd share.

Good job! :-)  I only give little treats like that to people who have
already expressed some interest in the Who, but have never heard the
bootleg stuff.


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Every death extinguished a world." -- President George W. Bush, 12/11/2001